My Story

Hi, I am Stephanie.   I have decide that NOW is the time to change my lifestyle and change my life for the better.  I know that being overweight is preventing me from achieveing the life that God has called me to do.  I am not sure what I am called to do but I know that I am not willing to purse it in the body I am currently living in.  My confidence is low and losing weight will help my confidence level some.  The other thing that needs to change is my relationship with God.  I know that not everyone with agree with me, which is fine so you don’t need to leave comments on my page about my beliefs.  I know that God’s power is stronger than my own and that as my Heavenly Father he wants me to be healthier and take better care of the body (temple) he has given me.  In my Wednesday night Bible study this was brought up, our bodies are God’s temple.  If we have asked Jesus into our life, he is now living within us!  When I thought about it, I was thinking my body would not be a home of a king.  The Bible study is one place where I have felt God’s presence and a switch starting to be moved.

A few weeks after the Bible study thoughts my husband returned home from the Navy.  I decide that once he was home we could work as a team to get in shape.  He has been home three weeks now and it is good to have him home.  We are working on setting up our house since we moved a few months ago and I was not able to set up everything on my own.  As the old pattern returned we found ourselves eating out more and in turn gaining weight.  Ugh.  I was supposed to be LOSING weight not gaining.  I few days before Thanksgiving I told hubby that we were going to start working out and eating healthier.  He agreed to work with me.  The start date was November 25th, six months to my 30th birthday! 

Six months from now I will be a different person!  We are starting to eat clean.  I think this is usually one of these things when you are either in 100% or you aren’t allowed to say “I eat clean.”  However my goal is to start eating clean”er” at most meals and in six months be able to say that we are only eating clean.  I am gathering recipes and we have already tried two recipes.  We have also been working out. 

Before my hubby got home I had finished the C25K running plan.  Although I wouldn’t say I was a runner, more like a jogger.  I could run/jog for 30 minutes straight.  For me that was a huge achievement.  I stopped once he got home but we have started again.  Okay only one day so far, today was raining and we were not taking the baby out in the rain.  SO it was time to use the elliptical trainer.  We might have to buy a rain cover for the BOB.  We need to buy a cup holder thing for it for sure.

Picture: Me @ 210 ish pounds.  We were touring the Cottage Living House in Norfolk.

What I would like to achieve in the next six months to a year:
1) Improve my lifestyle and the lifestyle of my family.
2) Lose 10% of weight. (Starting: 213.8, 10%: 21.3, Goal: 192.4)
3) Run in a 5K
3) Gain confidence.
4) Lose 20% of weight. (Starting: 192.4, 10%: 192.4, Goal: 173.2)
5) Buy cute clothes that fit my personality.
6) Run a half marathon & finish.  (Hopefully not last.)
7) Possibly get pregnant with third child. (still in discussion)
8) Happy with my progress along with way, even when it is slow.


About thecottagedream

Navy wife of 9 yrs, a stay at home mom of two little girls, aspiring photographer, and I have a dream of remodeling a cottage one day.
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