Where Did December Go?

     I have to ask myself, “where did December go?”  We traveled to Michigan for Christmas and only had a weeks time to drive there visit and get back.  It seemed to be a very rushed visit but a visit none the less.  I remember around Thanksgiving thinking I was on track with the coming holiday but soon I was wondering where the time had gone.
    As for diet we were trying a few of the Eating Clean recipes.  The girls were not liking all the new vegetables.  We were not really paying attention before Christmas.  Epecially the week before Christmas when we were baking LOTS of Christmas cookies.  I was eating cookies for breakfast.  I know that it is a horrible breakfast but it is fast and tasty yummy.  The girls were eating cereal and fruit or whole wheat toaster waffles.  Well we were gone I just ate whatever I wanted.  Everything was so delicious but I was tired most of the time we were gone.  I know that traveling makes me tired but I wonder if or most of it was due to the food choices I made.
    On the way home my hubby gave me a bookstore card a store that was local to the area.  I bought Toca Reno’s book, Eating Clean Recharged.  I read about four chapters of the book and it really got me thinking.  I need to start eating healthy food, exercising and lose weight.  Doing the first to things will lead to weight loss, so start there.  In the book it talks about how important healthy food is to a beautiful body.  A beautiful body is part of my goal.  Starting tomorrow, December 30th we are eating clean.  It will take some getting used too.  Hopefully it is easy to get into the swing of it.  I have everything I need for two day and tomorrow I am making a list of other stuff I need for the next few days.  Most of the food is fresh so I can’t buy two weeks of stuff at a time.  I think that this will be fun and hopefully we will see results very soon.  I am hoping we can stay with this together because I know it will be easier for me if he is on board.  Will be updating this blog more, stay turned.
December 28-
Weight: 215.7
December 29-
Current weight: 215.1


About thecottagedream

Navy wife of 9 yrs, a stay at home mom of two little girls, aspiring photographer, and I have a dream of remodeling a cottage one day.
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