Home: Where Your Story Starts

     The story of “you” started the day you were born or you could say the day your parents found out they were expecting you.  In the womb you grow until you are strong enough to enter this world.  When the time is right you leave your mother’s womb and enter the world, a few days later you a introduced to your new home.  The next chapter of your life starts, as well as your family.  If you are the first child your parents are learning a new way of life, caring for a newborn is a lot of work.  Everyday is something new.  Everyday the baby is growing and learning.  The story of you, fill in the blank.  As a mother I fill the blank in with one of my daughters names.  In the first year they are always learning and growing.  The second year they are into everything and their personality is now very clear.  In the first few years the little baby that was in your belly a short time ago is now a little person.  Even at a few years they have a story.  They might not know their story but someone does.  As the years go on so does their story.  They learn and love at home.  They learn how to be…. To be, depending on what you teach.  Well you consider yourself a teacher, you are!  You are your child’s teacher.  You teach them how to love, forgive, share, and the list goes on. 
      Over the last few months I realize how true this is, for my family.  I know not all families are the way I described but the above is part of my family and my family.  What your parents have pasted onto you, bad or good.  The way you handle you feeling, temper, and outlook on life.  Religious believes and values.  All of these factors are part of your story.  I see the importance in helping writing my child’s story.  We (myself and my husband) have the chance to instill values in them that will help them along the way.  I want to set an example for the way to live.  I want to make my lives’ story one leaves a good memories, demonstrates strong values, and leads the way to an ending in heaven.  If you choose an ending different than mine, that is fine.  However, my story has a beginning and end… I am just here to fill in the middle.  I welcome you to read the middle, the short stories of my life, my children, and everyday experiences.  My life in photographs. 

***The picture is from my 3d ultrasound with my second daughter.  A little more than two months before she was born.


About thecottagedream

Navy wife of 9 yrs, a stay at home mom of two little girls, aspiring photographer, and I have a dream of remodeling a cottage one day.
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