Britax Frontier 85 SICT booster

Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House  and Britax are teaming up to giveaway a Britax Frontier 85 SICT booster.  I am praying to win this booster because we are in need of a second seat.  We are currently own only one vehicle as we are trying to pay off all credit within the next three years.  Anyhow since my husband drives the car to work I am home with our younger daughter and I have had friends offer to bring us places but that requires moving the car seat daily or when a plan would arise.  However I hate to inconvience my friends so I will not make plans until I know I have a seat handy. 

Now that I have shared my story, let’s hear about the seat.  The Britax Frontier 85 SICT is amazing.  The forward facing seat is for 2 year olds who are 25+ pounds, up to 85 pounds, 30-50 inches, seating shoulder height: 12-20 inches.  Booster: 40-120 pounds, height: 42-65 inches, shoulder height: 13.5-24.5 inches.  I love that once you child is 2 years old and 25+ pounds this is seat will work until they no longer need a seat.  The seat has side impact chushion technology, true side impact protection, 85 pound five-point harness seat capacity, tangle free five point harness, easy removable cover, it is quick adjust, and it had Premium lower LATCH connectors (LOVE LATCH=LIFESAVER).

Take and look and enter to win over at Two of A Kind, Working on a Full House.


About thecottagedream

Navy wife of 9 yrs, a stay at home mom of two little girls, aspiring photographer, and I have a dream of remodeling a cottage one day.
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