Learning to Sew

    Maddie is very excited about tomorrow, she will be getting her first sewing lesson.  My friend is coming over tomorrow to teach me to sew.  I can sew but I really don’t know much about it.  I just wing it.  When Maddie gets home she will get her own lesson.  I told her that she will get her own lesson while I am working out and she was so excited she jumped up and down and squealed.  I figured for her first lesson it would be cool to have a project she could complete so she will be making a tissue cozy.  I brought her to pick out two fat quarter fabrics tonight.  During the summer she bought a little sewing machine for five dollars at a yard sale so we get batteries too.  I am not sure how the little sewing machine will work but we will try it.  She says she is scared of the big one.  Sewing tomorrow, it will be fun!

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Life In Fast Lane… internet style

We had internet installed yesterday and now I am living in the fast lane! YES!!  The time it takes to download a 100 pictures is what it took to load like 2 with the air card.  I can’t wait to share more stories in the days to come.

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Valentines Day

Love Day.  I love my girls we had hot cereal for breakfast because I planned on making Red Velvet Pancakes for dinner.  They got special Valentine’s outfits and had their hair done to look like hearts.  We spent the night at home enjoying each others company. 

Side view of Princess’ hairstyle.
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Win a Ipod Touch at The Penny Hoarder’s

Enter to win a brand new ipod touch from The Penny Hoarder’s blog.  I have already joined the giveaway because I would love to win a ipod touch.  I really need to get back outside and walk, an ipod would come in handy.  I think I would get a walking or running app so I could track my workouts.  I could also track the food I eat with an app like Spark People, I am sure there are some other good ones too. 

SO if you want a chance to win an ipod touch, follow the link above.

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Happy Birthday Madison!

Nine years ago on this very day we were in the hospital waiting to meet our little girl.
Since that day she has had her daddy wrapped around her finger.
Our little princess is an awesome big sister, a excellent Bible quizzing girl, and a smart little cookie.
Life would be as much fun without her in it.
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Rudee Whale Watching Tour

My eldest daughter loves animals of all kinds so for her birthday this year I knew what we could do……. dolphin watching!  We are in Virginia so I reached it and they do the dolphin watching in the warmer months but they were doing WHALE watching during this time.  PERFECT!  We told her the plans the night before and she was very excited but REALLY wanted to see a dolphin.

We went to Rudee inlet in Virginia Beach to the Virginia Fishing Center and bought the tickets.  I actually bought the tickets at noon because I expected it to be busy since they said they were spotting whale on most if not all tours. (I had been praying that we would see something, since this was part of Madison’s birthday present.)  We boarded the boat about a half an hour before the scheduled departure time.  Within a few minutes (not sure how long but didn’t seem like long) we see a few spouts!  The spouts alone are amazing.  Seeing the whale shortly after was AMAZING!  We seen whales for a good part of the trip and got a few nice shots.  As we were pulling back in they spoted DOLPHINS.  We had been in the cabin since it had started to rain and I was freezing.  Madison grabbed dad and they ran out and seen them.  The trip was complete! 


The picture above, with the tail over the whale behind it… I think it’s my favorite.


A little added insight…  Madison said, “This was just a good as Disney, maybe better since I got to see the dolphins!”

I shared the link for the Winter Wildlife Boat Trip above but here it is again in case you want to check it out.  I found it through the Virginia Aquarium.  We have been the aquarium are planning a trip soon.  We were going to go the same day but didn’t have time.

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Virginia Beach~ Winter Time

Madison’s BIG birthday weekend.  We wanted to give her a great weekend doing so fun stuff she enjoys, my first thoughts were to do something animal related.  We decided to do a wintertime ocean tour.  We were there early so we took a walk on the beach.  Then we headed back over to the docks.

My younger daughter thinks this is Tuga the turtle from Diego, he is two.  lol


I love this picture of her running up to the ocean, the sky is so blue.  The last time we were here at the Virginia Beach Strip she was only 1!  We love the beach.
My baby girl enjoy the waves, no swimming today.  Well for us.  It was actually the same day as the Polar Plunge.

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